I don't have a lot of friends, I need a place to be myself. I'm Vandal, I go by Martyr too. Please call me she or it pronouns. This is just my homepage, below is some basic info about me.

I'm sixteen, turning seventeen soon. I've got a lot going on, mentally. I have stpd, npd, autism, other stuff. You can probably imagine how this would make it hard to make friends. I've been alone most of my life really, since I can remember. I have a girlfriend! I love her so so much, so I'm not just a sad lonely idiot all the time. I know I could make my website look much better but I'm enamored by the late 90's web design, I think it's so endearing. I code a lot, it's my favorite hobby. I started on scratch when I was a kid and I've just never stopped. I really only do web design, I find it too complicated to make games.

The biggest reason for coding my own website is to talk about my feelings, and nobody can tell me to shutup because this is my page! I should probably say somewhere on here that I'm physically nonhuman, I'm also objectum! I'm a borzoi seraphim mix. I don't really have a good interpretation of how I look, so feel free to just imagine me however you want :) I'd love to make some friends, feel free to dm me through my tumblr!!